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 Six Sigma FAQs?

FAQ 1: Does Six Sigma apply to non-manufacturing processes?

Six Sigma has been successfully applied to many processes outside of manufacturing. Transactional processes - such as insurance, health care, software coding, billing, customer support, etc. - often contain variation or excessive cycle time and can be optimized by applying Six Sigma.

FAQ 2: Does Six Sigma apply to small and medium sized companies?

There are myths in saying that Six Sigma only benefits those big companies like Motorola or GE or Ford. In reality check, many small and medium sized companies are still operating at 2 to 3 sigma level and 20-30% cost of poor quality. Actually they are the perfect candidates to adopt Six Sigma business improvement methodology to reap huge cost savings from the "goldmine"right inside their backyard and improve the customer satisfaction and retention for free literally.

FAQ 3: Does hire a consultant or a black belt or master black belt will solve your chronic problems and becoming a world-class company in three or six months?

Six Sigma is not a panacea you can order from the convenience or sundry shop. If there are consultants sell you their "Shortcut Six Sigma" or other magical tools with the promise that your top management can do nothing and lay back in the boardroom and you can still reap 20-30% cost savings in three months time. You shall go for them if 20-30% cost reduction is your business goal.

FAQ 4: Why do we need to have Six Sigma program in addition to our existing ISO9000 certification?

In our opinion and field observation, quality management system of ISO9000 is aligned with modern quality concepts such as continuous improvement, variation reduction, fact-based process management, etc developed by Deming, Juran, Crosby etc, but many deficiencies in the ISO certification process have tainted its reputation, credibility and usefulness. Many companies find ISO9000 is a burden and "necessary evil" simply because their customers ask for it.

FAQ 5: Lean or Six Sigma comes first?

Read our seminar slide for the answer >>>

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