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 A Case Study: Motorola Malaysia

Motorola (KL) Malaysia is Motorola's largest semiconductor facility for assembly and testing of integrated circuits (IC) with a built-up area of 750,000 sq. ft. on a 20-acre site. This plant had won several prestigious quality awards such as first Malaysia's Prime Minister award.

Everybody knows that Motorola is a pioneer in Six Sigma improvement initiative, but how they started Six Sigma, what the breakthrough thinking, what the management philosophy and more importantly how they actually implemented Six Sigma on the shop floor is still not widely published to the public. This case study written by a former Managing Director of Motorola (KL) at about 10 years ago is still relevant to millions of manufacturing (and also service) companies.

This article of 15 pages covers all important events happened in Motorola Malaysia from mid 80s to earlier 90s, an incubation period for Six Sigma concept and its actual implementation on the shop floor.  

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 A Case Study: Honeywell Singapore

A Honeywell's business unit, Aerospace Electronics System in Singapore used Six Sigma initiative to improve its entire business processes with significant improvement achievements. Download a white paper on this case study (in PDF) >>> or access online at Honeywell Aerospace Electronics System, Singapore - Implementing Six Sigma Quality.


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