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 Case Studies: Lean Six Sigma applications in non-manufacturing industry

Lean Six Sigma has been successfully applied to many processes outside of manufacturing. Transactional processes such as insurance, health care, software coding, billing, customer support, etc. often contain variation or excessive cycle time, backlogs, delays, etc. These problems can be eliminated and its process be optimized by applying Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Non-Manufacturing Six Sigma -- it's not just for manufacturers anymore
Supply Chain Supply chain goes lean for 12 companies
Banking Banking goes Six Sigma
Hospital Hospitals take business approach
E-Commerce Six Sigma Elevates E-Booking, Touchless
HR Recruitment The Avery Point uses DMAIC-Search for executive search process
Government How Six Sigma can effectively integrated into the Government agencies by Lean Sigma Institute
Public Work Kingsport Public Works uses Six Sigma to "do more with less" by Kingsport City
Hotel Green Belts Galore at Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Healthcare Healthcare GE using six sigma in healthcare
Construction The way of life for doing business at Bechtel
Properties Younan Properties Completes Successful Turn-Around in Less than 15 Months Delivering Unprecedented Return
Internet Provider Bharti Broadband saves with Six Sigma
Movie Studio A Hollywood Studio Learns the G.E. Way
Aerospace Lockheed Locks Down Mtg. Spend
Airline Air Canada hopes system spawns savings
Insurance Escaping the Paper Chase


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