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Total Productive Maintenance TPM

 Total Productive Maintenance Overview

Preventive maintenance was introduced in the 1905's, with productive maintenance becoming well-established during the 1960's. The development of Total Productive Maintenance began in the 1970's. The period prior to 1950 can be referred to as the "breakdown maintenance" period.

As illustrated in below chart, the growth of PM in Japan can be divided into the following four development stages:

Stage 1: Breakdown Maintenance

Stage 2: Preventive Maintenance

Stage 3: Productive Maintenance

Stage 4: Total Productive Maintenance

TPM history

 What is Total Productive Maintenance?

Productive maintenance carried out by all employees through small improvement activities. ~ Seiichi Nakajima

 The goals of Total Productive Maintenance

  • Maximize the total effectiveness of production system
  • Prevent every type of loss (zero accidents, zero defects and zero failures for the total life)
  • Total employee involvement in implementing TPM through overlapping small group activities.

 The Eight Pillars of Total Productive Maintenance

  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Focused Improvement
  • Education and Training
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Early Management and Initial Flow Control
  • Safety, Hygiene and Pollution Control
  • Administrative and Office TPM


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