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 Lean Kaizen

Lean Kaizen is created with lean techniques. This DMAIC based lean kaizen methodology is for waste elimination in the daily activities. Kaizen workshop or event is one of key improvement tools used by the world-class companies like Toyota.

Define (D) Define the scope and set objectives in project charter.
Measure (M) Measure the current state process map such as process steps, process time, lead time, WIP, etc from the work place or gemba.
Analyze (A) Analyze current state, i.e. value and non-value added processes, bottleneck constraint and process efficiency.
Improve (I) Improve process by designing a future state map.
Control (C) Control and hold the gain with metrics to monitor results over time.

lean kaizen

lean DMAIC

 How Lean Kaizen can add value and reduce waste?

This paper titled "Value creation on service sectors through Kaizen" explains some fundamental issues in implementing Lean Kaizen on the shop floor.

Download [PDF slide] * The methodology details and case study are intentionally deleted from the slide.


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