Lean Six Sigma


Lean Enterprise Total waste elimination from the system through work in progress reduction, kanban pull, cellular manufacturing, 5S visual control, balanced flow, TPM, etc.

Why Lean ?

Focus in eliminating non-value added waste in a process with goal of reducing process cycle times, improving on-time delivery performance and reducing cost.

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Six Sigma Six Sigma is becoming a breakthrough philosophy among the world's leading corporations because it has proven itself by generating substantial business returns.

Why Six Sigma ?

Using statistical techniques to understand, measure and reduce process variation with the primary goal of achieving improvements in service/product quality, performance and cost.

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Lean Six Sigma Combines the speed and quality of both Lean and Six Sigma to achieve Business Process Full Optimization.

Why Lean Six Sigma ?

Only a high quality process can sustain high velocity and only a fast responsive process is capable of achieving high quality.

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